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Dec 18, 2023

Today, we say farewell to Coach Liam Carmichael as he leaves Hong Kong and The Process team to return to his family in the UK. We had ChatGPT write the final questions to ask before he leaves. It is never an easy day to say goodbye to a colleague and friend, and today is no different. Liam has been an integral piece of The Process Programming, professional development in HQ, skyrocketing BUILD to where it is today, and working with Ed to create The Individual Coaching Course. But he’s also been an incredibly kind soul, reflective person, and damn good friend. As we say so long (for now), to Liam, he and Ed sit down for an exit interview that shares the kind of impact a person can have on a place, and a place can have on a person. For more on Ed, Liam, and The Course: Ask Ed questions yourself! Keep up with Liam’s journey: The Individual Coaching Course is live! This Podcast is Brought to You by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: Education: