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Nov 27, 2023

Sofie is a professional rugby player with roots in China, Germany, and the US, finding ways to support other young women caught in the middle of cultures, expectations, and definitions of beauty and strength. Sophie has been proud to call Hong Kong’s Coastal Fitness – the headquarters of The Process – for the last three years. She is relocating to join a professional rugby team in Dubai, but we could not let her leave without being a guest on our show. Sofie and Ed share about the constant pressures that women face in athletics, the triggers that formed from established norms about femininity, and how she is now taking charge of the narrative to be no only comfortable in her own skin, but to inspire girls to do the same. Have you ever changed your clothing or workouts to fit expectations or run away from insecurities? Then this episode was made for you. Follow Sofie’s Journey Sofie’s Instagram: Sofie Currently Plays for The Dubai Hurricanes: Sponsors: The Process Programming Website: Instagram: