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May 4, 2020

Michael Mogard was a Crossfit games Individual athlete in 2013 and Crossfit Regionals Athlete from 2012-2017. He currently splits his year living in the USA and Brunei and runs CrossFit gyms in each location. Michael has a wife and 4 kids and they have created a unique culture of working out together as a family. Michaels coaches all 4 of his kids in weightlifting. Miah (age 10) and Jaimon (age 9), both won USAW National Championships this past summer in Anaheim California.

Ed and Mike sit down and wind back the years, uncovering his life which started as a kid who first stepped foot in the gym as a 10-year-old. A lot of his stories begin soon after moving to Brunei to open a CrossFit affiliate: multiple trips to the CF regionals, the CrossFit Games and now taking a unique approach to raising his 4 children.

Mike shares with us what he believes to be the biggest contributors as to why he was able to make it to the CrossFit Games in 2013 and comedically retells the story of his experience, one event at a time. For anyone who follows @michaelmogard on Instagram, you have probably stumbled across his son, @jaimon365 (in fact, there’s a much higher likelihood that you follow Jaimon than Mike, sorry bud). Mike and his wife, Emily, have taken a really unique approach to parenting by allowing the gym to be the teacher of life. It’s fascinating to hear their take an approach to raising their family. Enjoy!

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