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Dec 7, 2020

Today Ed sits down with Brian Lai, a breathing coach and owner of Primal Breath Work. Brian’s journey started under the mentorship of Wim Hof, who is widely regarded as one of the most impressive and influential people when it comes to breath training and cold exposure. In this episode, Brian shares with us a life changing experience that lead him to discovering the power of the breath, and eventually making it his profession. We discuss the power of nasal breathing; the problem with mouth breathing; the importance of increasing Co2 tolerance for stress management and longevity; how to use the breath to improve sporting performance; Testing your own Co2 tolerance, and how to see improvements. A fascinating episode full of knowledge and practical take aways. We will most definitely be getting Brian back on the podcast!


Instagram: @primalbreathwork

Website: The Process Programming
Instagram: @theprocessprogramming