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Apr 20, 2020

Ed sits down with Tanner Shuck, Strength and Conditioning Coach currently based in Dubai. Tanner retells of his childhood and early adult years as an athlete. Have first set foot in the gym at the age of 8, to playing Division 1 football in Texas, to then pursuing the journey of competing at the CrossFit Games, Tanner is living proof that to be great at anything requires unwavering passion, extreme tenacity, and a one-track mind. If you follow Tanner on his social media channels, you will quickly come to realise that he’s a man who believes in doing the simple things really, really well. There is no BS with this guy. We talk about his love for strength training and why he feels that it should be a fundamental part of any training programme; we learn about why he is such a big advocate of high protein, ‘carnivore-esque’ diets; and what his most fundamentals beliefs are as a coach.

If you don’t currently follow @tanner_shuck on Instagram, then you are missing out. I think everyone needs his straight-up honesty and authenticity in their lives. To learn more about his online programmes, head over to:

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