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Apr 13, 2020

Today, Ed sits down with his coach of 6 years, Kyle Ruth. Kyle has been a coach at  Training Think Tank since 2013. Born in 1985, Kyle was a competitive swimmer in high school and college.  After his swimming career peaked he discovered Crossfit and eventually opened his own gym. Kyle’s current roster of athletes includes CrossFit competitors and swimmers.  He has worked with athletes competing in both the Crossfit Games and the Olympics in a range of age-group divisions.

This episode has a storytelling theme, as Ed and Kyle relive some of their journey together as coach and athlete. As two like-minded coaches, Ed and Kyle share very similar thoughts when it comes to coaching and athlete development, which they explore in detail: they debate volume vs intensity, auto regulated training and its application to group and individual coaching, the most important pillars of coaching, assess client readiness, how to find yourself a coach and why coaches need coaches. Whether you are a high-level athlete, a coach, or just love hearing people talk about fitness, this episode has it all.

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