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Jul 12, 2021

In this episode, Isabell sits down with Ed & Patrick to answer your questions!

1. Before bed snacks - yes or no?
2. Brown or white rice?
3. Thoughts on kg of protein per bodyweight for training vs rest days?
4. Which food is most satiating?
5. What is 1 mandatory change or habit with nutrition that you would advocate for anyone?
6. Will masters athletes season look like the individuals that you outlined in the last podcast?
7. How do you gauge if your RPE is as intended by the training programme?
8. How do you find the balance between self regulating and holding back too much?
9. What are the benefits / drawbacks of hand & feet positioning on the barbell for Oly lifting?
10. Is there anything else aside from meditation that you recommend to stay present?
11. What is 1 thing that helped you overcome injury and get back into the sport?
12. If not fitness, what job would you pursue?
13. How do you deal with clients who know better than you?
14. Are you currently working with any training coach / mentor?

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