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Apr 6, 2020

Ed is joined in the studio by the owners and managers of 3 of Hong Kong’s leading gym businesses. Having been ordered to close our doors to the public a week ago, today’s conversation revolved around what we have done to ensure we come out of this situation in a better place than we entered it. We discuss the measures that we put in place leading into the shutdown, filtering out the noise from the media, and preparing ourselves for the worst-case scenario.

We discuss how to keep your staff and coaches motivated and driven, and the importance of making decisions as a team. A really interesting conversation was about how we have all adapted to the situation with our service offerings: online classes, community engagement, personal communication, membership extensions, and virtual coaching to name a few. To conclude, we discuss what the future holds for the fitness industry and gym businesses in general.

There are so many takeaways that apply to everyday life: The long term benefits of building culture and community. The importance of open and honest communication. And why leaders and organisations must lead from the from.


Sponsored by: The Hong Kong Government