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Mar 30, 2020

Ed sits down with Mike Molloy, owner of M2 Performance Nutrition. Mike has been around CrossFit for over 10 years and is the nutrition coach of some of the sports’ top athletes including Sara Sigmundsdottir Haley Adams, Chyna Cho, and Tamarind Robinson. Both Tamarind Robinson (Episode 3) and Ant Haynes (Episode 2) join in on this round table discussion.

In this episode, we dive into some of the challenges that people are facing whilst being on home lockdown as a part of the world's attempt to control Covid-19 through social distancing. Mike eloquently describes three avatars of people 1) The bored Eater 2) The stressed under-eater, and 3)The stressed over-eater. We dive into some of the basic science as to why we make these choices, and discuss strategies to overcome it. We also expand further on some of the themes covered in episode 5 regarding stress management, mindset and making smart choices with exercise during these tough times.

Whether you are currently confined to your home or not, there are so many gems in this episode which everyone can take away and apply to themselves.

Mike Molloy (IG): @mike_m2pn
M2PerformanceNutrition (website):
M2 Performance Nutrition (IG): @m2performancenutrition

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