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Oct 26, 2020

In today’s episode, Ed sits down with Nutrition Coach Frankie Mastroianni to take on some listener Q&A’s. Frankie is the owner and founder of Activeworks Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching organisation working with folks individually and in groups. In this episode, Ed takes some of the most frequently asked nutrition-based questions from his Instagram Q&As, and fires them at Frankie who provides some beautifully structured and well-articulated responses. Amongst the questions are conversations on logging and tracking; nutrition for females; nutrition for rest vs training days; refeeds; faults when trying to build muscle and stay lean; Intermittent fasting; carbohydrate timing; the effects of alcohol on the digestion and body composition; and if it fits your macros vs nutrient quality.

Frankie Mastroianni (IG): @Coach.frankiemaz
Website: Activeworks Nutrition

Website: The Process Programming
Instagram: @theprocessprogramming