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Aug 24, 2020

Ed sits down with 5-time CrossFit Games athlete (Team x1, Individual x3, Masters x1) Alethea Boon. Her story is unique in many ways, beginning as a 14-year old representing her country at the Commonwealth Games in gymnastics. Alethea finished her stint as a gymnast like many others - broken and worn out. After setting out to find a form of training to keep her fit and healthy, she stumbled across CrossFit. Within the first year of training, she was competing at the 2014 Crossfit Games as a member of Team Active. What is most impressive about Alethea, is the daily work she puts into the mental aspect of performance. Journalling, visualisation, and weekly reflections have been staple in Alethea’s life for the last 20 years, and have been a massive contributor to her success as an athlete. An inspiring story from an inspiring person.

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