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Oct 16, 2023

Hello from beautiful Shanghai, China! We take The Process Podcast to the Asia Fitness Championship to speak with founder Max Ma, who is leading one of the fastest-growing CrossFit communities in the world. Max is a young entrepreneur and former competitive swimmer who understands the value of competition to inspire a wide audience to do great things. After finding a passion in CrossFit, he created The Asia Fitness Championship, which was an official CrossFit Sanctional of the 2019 season. Today, the AFC aims to be more inclusive by celebrating fitness enthusiasts of all abilities by supporting local grassroots competitions that all culminate to this three-day event in Shanghai. With the competition in full swing in the background, Ed and Max talk about the evolution of this competition and the greater goals Max has in mind for his home country. Connect with Max and stay up-to-date on the AFC so you can compete next year! Max Ma: Asia Fitness Championship: Project ONE: This podcast is brought to you by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: