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Apr 25, 2022

In this episode, Ed sits down with Tamarind Robinson to take on some listen Q&As. Find the questions below:

1. In your new cycle, I see that you guys are testing 6RMs and 5RMs. What’s the reason for this?
2. What are good workouts to test your strength and weaknesses in CrossFit. 
3. For an aspiring coach, where did you learn most about movement work? 
4. Percentage work vs feel/autoregulation for group style Crossfit classes?
5. Your thoughts on using CF or Functional Fitness as a supplement for another sport?
6. Do you encourage your athletes use any massage tools? Theragun, hypervolt, Compex etc?
7. How do you deal with athletes who think they are better than what they are?
8. Ideal body composition for CrossFit? Take you and Ant as an example.
9. What do you focus on during the off-season in CrossFit?
10. Tips and Tricks on growing facial hair?

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