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Apr 27, 2020

Olivia Park is a women’s health and performance coach who helps women find liberation from the ‘shoulds’ of the fitness industry and the all-or-nothing mindset through training with intention and intensity.

In today’s episode, Ed sits down with Olivia to discuss some crucial evidence-based information regarding female training and the menstrual cycle. The ratio of females who are training vs females who understand the impact of their cycles on things like energy, recovery, body composition, and mood is alarming. Olivia succinctly deconstructs the menstrual cycle into 4-week blocks (for ease of understanding), and highlights some of the physiological changes taking place in the female body, and how this can be applied to your training for a tonne of health and training gains. She highlights that the first step to success is that all women need to start tracking!

The two tracking apps Olivia mentions in this episode are:

Website: Olivia Park Coaching
Instagram: @oliviaparkcoach

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