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Aug 28, 2023

Stephanie Ng: Why Mental Health is so Difficult to Explain

Steph is a mental health advocate, entrepreneur, researcher, and founder of Body Banter, a Hong Kong-based charity that empowers young people to spark conversations about body image with curiosity and courage.

Her influential voice in the field of mental health and body image advocacy has gained international recognition, and has been featured on prominent platforms such as BBC, TED, Channel NewsAsia, Tatler Asia, NowTV, and Deutsche-Welle. She is the winner of the Young Changemaker Award at the American Chambers of Commerce Women of Influence Awards 2023, and the recipient of the Youth Award at Jessica Magazine's Most Successful Women Awards 2023.

Join Ed and Steph as they explore why mental health is so difficult to explain, Steph’s own recovery journey from an eating disorder, and why she describes her mental health story like a disco ball.

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