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Mar 29, 2021

Following on from with the theme of Programming, in this episode, Ed takes us through how to create a group training programme which tries to cater to the individuals who follow it.

In this episode, Ed starts by sharing his journey with group training, which began as an athlete playing team sports, which eventually evolved into running CrossFit classes at COASTAL in 2013. He then talks about the creation of The Process Programming, which ran as a free programme for 3 years, before finally launching as an official group programming platform in March 2020.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about the struggles and lessons learned from COASTAL’s early group coaching model, and what they changed over the years (and why). Learn about the importance of having pre-requisites, assessments, a multi-tiered training programme, avatars, and the importance of communicating the ‘why’ behind the programme.

Lastly, Ed shares what’s in store for the Process Programming, and how we plan to further individualise the group coaching model.

Website: The Process Programming
Instagram: @theprocessprogramming