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Feb 19, 2024

Today, we sit down with Process Programming Coach Karan Sanjeev on what it took for him to build his growth mindset and how that’s transformed him today. Regardless of how you see yourself as an athlete, champion or spectator, serious athlete or weekend warrior, one thing is true for all: you’re a person first. This means that you have a past that shaped who you are, a future that you have the ability to affect, and a present that you can pour yourself into. But being a person means that all of these are a choice. Today, Ed speaks with Karan on how he chose to create a growth mindset, how this is shaping his athletic, personal, and relationship goals, and how we can process our thoughts in our own ways to grow into the person we want to become. FOLLOW THE PROCESS PROGRAMMING DURING THE 2024 CROSSFIT SEASON Women’s Leaderboard: Mens Leaderboard: Follow Karan’s Season: This Podcast is Brought to You by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: Education: