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Jan 8, 2024

Have you set a big goal for New Year’s Resolutions? That might be a problem. Why, and what can we do about it? Welcome to 2024! It’s natural for us to look at the big year ahead with ambitious goals, but are our goals realistic? Even more, do our goals actually resonate with who we are? Today, we take the question to a roundtable with Process Coaches and Athletes Storm, Tammi, Andrew, and Chris, who look at their past goals and look forward to 2024 with maybe a new mindset that you can take on as well. Looking for the perfect 2024 New Year’s Resolution? Start with this episode of The Process Podcast today! How Are We Doing With Our Goals and Intentions? Follow Tammi: Follow Andrew: Follow Storm: Follow Chris: Special Thanks to Omar Itani: Goals vs One-Word Intentions: Follow Omar: This Podcast is Brought to You by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: Education: