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Oct 23, 2023

Today we talk to Karan Sanjeev, one of our Coaches on The Process Programming and on the class floor here at HQ. We revisit his performance at the Asia Fitness Championship, a competition that put his mindset to the test. Last week, we introduced the Asia Fitness Championship (link below in case you missed it!), a three-day, high-level CrossFit competition. This was also Karan’s first individual event, and one that was filled with ups, downs, and plenty to reflect on. From ambitious goals like becoming the fittest person in India, to overcoming fear and anxiety during a competition, he and Ed discuss the huge role that mindset has on performance and well-being. If you’re a competitor or thinking of becoming one, this discussion is must-listen! Follow Coach Karan: More about the Asia Fitness Championship: This podcast is brought to you by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: