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Jan 22, 2024

If you haven’t heard of HYROX by now, you definitely will in 2024, because this sport is only getting bigger! Run one thousand meters. Then, do a physical challenge. Repeat eight times. You think you can do it? A lot of competitions say anyone can join, and HYROX will say the same. Today, APAC Event Director for HYROX, Richard Cowley, makes the case for why “ The Fitness Competition for Every Body” is true to its word. Ed and Coach Tammi also share their experiences on the race floor and what they think can make the race better. Ready to start? Lace up and listen in before you start your next run! Stay Up to Date on the 2024 HYROX Season! Follow the official HYROX Instagram: Find a HYROX Near You: Take our HYROX Training Programme! This Podcast is Brought to You by The Process Programming Website: Instagram: Education: